Portals Animation

T he PORTALS are the embodiment of the transition from one experience to another, all these transitions form our journey. Realizing a simple thing that everything is impermanent, turns our journey into an exciting adventure. I tell the idea of “PORTALS“ with a short animation movie and series of 13 paintings. My goal is to provoke imagination and creative spark in the viewer. I believe this will lead to raising our awareness and evolution.

Viktor Mazhlekov

Animated film PORTALS, by Mazhlekov, Studio Sokerov and Chaos Group


Viktor Mazhleko's PORTALS - Animation


Viktor Mazhlekov's PORTALS - Animation


Viktor Mazhlekov's PORTALS - Contest


  • Pictoplasma Berlin - Animation Festival

    Portals in Pictoplasma Berlin

    Pictoplasma Berlin – Animation Festival April 30 – May 4 The PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL brings freshly hatched characters to the big screen of the BABYLON, with a fine selection of short films, motion graphics, experimental work and everything in between… In addition to the categories Characters …


  • Sofiya Film Fest 2014

    Portals in Jameson – Sofia Film Fest

    The Jameson Short Film Awards will be presented for the 11th time this year covering all the entries for short film category. On 4th February, after long discussions and debates over which 12 films (out of the 90 entered in the competition) will compete, the …


  • PORTALS - Short animated film by: Viktor Mazhlekov, Simeon Sokerov and Chaos Group

    Portals selected for MiSciFi

    Our CG animated short film was selected in “Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival” January 17th – 19th 2014. The screening is at 18.01 9:45AM in the luxurious Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami, Florida.