Sofiya Film Fest 2014

Portals in Jameson – Sofia Film Fest

The Jameson Short Film Awards will be presented for the 11th time this year covering all the entries for short film category. On 4th February, after long discussions and debates over which 12 films (out of the 90 entered in the competition) will compete, the selection committee chose the 12 finalists. The Bulgarian jury includes composer, actor and director – Stefan Valdobrev, Peter Valchanov – director, Galina Kraichovska – journalist, actor Alexander Sano and director Zoran Petrovski. And here are their nominations.

• Casablanca, director Nikola (Koljo) Karamfilov
• Cosmonauts, director Bozhina Panayotova
• Heart of lead, director Slava Doycheva
• Learning to talk, director Kamen Kolarov
• Ordinary day, director Gospodin Nedelchev
• Parking, director Ivaylo Minov
• Portals, director Simeon Sokerov
• Quota, director Boris Svetoslavov
• Stereo Love, director Martin Iliev
• Pride, director Pavel Vesnakov
• The bridge, director Yana Titova
• Tree without a root, director Rouzie Hassanova

The selection committee made the decision upon the notion that the short films chosen to compete deserve the attention of the international jury during the festival. Two of the twelve films are animations, one is a documentary and two are experimental; the remaining seven productions are feature films. It is an interesting fact to note that six of the finalists’ entries have been created as co-productions, as three of them are cooperative work between Bulgaria and America and all the rest are a combination of Bulgarian and French, Bulgarian and Russian and Bulgarain and German casts and crews.

For many years the Jameson Short Film Awards for Bulgarian films has provoked many young cinematographers in the country to present their films and in many cases create special projects for participation in the contest. We recap that the the grand prize amounts to the exciting € 6000, which is kindly sponsored once again by Jameson Irish Whiskey and will be given to the director of the winning film at the official awards ceremony in Hall1 of the National Palace of Culture on 15th March 2014.