Viktor Mazhlekov – Painter, Animator and Game designer, his style of painting is astral postrealism*.
I think I was born an artist. My parents have made me happy by tossing over the pencils to my side. Ever since I haven’t stopped painting, this is my passion, my life.
My favorite techniques are Oil on canvas and Drawing. I like to experiment with oil paints, and with the different techniques of laying the paint on canvas. I do my paintings using many layers thus trying to achieve the effects of depth, density and color playfulness. I make illustrations as well. I have participated in several regional exhibitions since 1995, and I have also seven solo exhibitions.
Sometimes I have fun by making sculptures. I have always had a strong passion for Architecture, Animation and game developement. I have created lot of game concepts and hope soon to realise some of them. My favorite genre is CRPG.

Portals - Viktor Mazhlekov - Astral Postrealism

Animation is something that has always lived within me. Since my early childhood I imagined pictures in motion, compose their various stories and characters. When I was 12 I had a 8 bit computer with a monochrome screen, which I had installed the first in my life animation program “Take 2”
I spent hundreds of hours drawing each frame, pixel by pixel to see how in the end the paintings come to life. Shortly after this, at age 20 I decided to study drawn animation and joined a course in “Boyana Film Center” – Sofia, where I learned many interesting things about animation. Аlthough I didn’t continued my development in this direction I am very grateful to the destiny for giving me this opportunity.
Later in my life I met with “3D Studio Max” and for a few months I was very excited and diligent in learning the program until I realized that I do not have to grind each polygon and texture, the most important is to reproduce the imagination in motion. I realized that with a team I can achieve much more. Not long after this came my first opportunity to work in a team, along with Simeon Sokerov created a series of “Somewhere” in his film “5 times”. I went to dream again, but this time my own film. In 2009 was born the idea of ​​”Portals” and in late 2010 I started it with serie of 13 oil paintings. Later, in mid-2012 had already cleared the idea of ​​the animated film and found funding in the face of “Chaos Group” and shortly thereafter in early August began to produce the film with Simeon Sokerov and his studio “Studio Sokerov”.

Simeon Sokerov – Animator and Director – Director of CG short animated film ‘Portals’
Simeon Sokerov, Animator, Director, Original Music/Composer, Preview Return, Producer, Sound Mixer, Submission Contact, Writer
Simeon Sokerov was born on 1st February 1977 in Lovech, Bulgaria.
In 1991 began studying at the High School of Fine Arts in Sofia. In 1996 he study Major Painting at the National Academy of Arts. A year later moves to begin his studies in specialty Animation Direction in N.A.T.F.A, Sofia where he graduates with a master degree in 2009. Currently he is a director of animated and live action short films and commercials, department head of animation and visual effects in a leading advertising studio – “Studio Sokerov”.

Director’s Statement

Simeon Sokerov - Director, Animator and Artist

When the film project appears I had no intentions to get to work with animated project. But the Idea and the characters intrigued me, and that there was already a producer also had an impact. There was a general idea of changing the creature as it passes through different worlds through portals. I liked the positivism, which ends the story. The wandering, the victory over loneliness. By improving and moving to another level to find your soul mate.
Basically for me was to emphasize the different challenges that occur to the protagonist. The more exalted he becomes the switch forward, the more complex are the obstacles that he have to deal with. Visually, there was a major issue that had to deal with to the very end of the movie. The artist wanted the characters and environments to be as close to the picture that was painted. It was at times difficult, at times unnecessarily and sometimes impossible because of the very specificity of CGI. But it all ended well.

Production notes

“The film is designed to provoke the imagination of viewers with his vision and idea by leaving a positive feeling. And making the film is supposed to take place in the same positive spirit, but along with the funny moments there was pretty nervous ones.” Sokerov says.

During the production art director of the film Victor Mazhlekov makes an exhibition of paintings from the world of Portals.

Producers of “Chaos Group” are makers of VRay, one of the most popular software for rendering in the CGI industry.

Portals is rendered almost entirely with VRay.

According to the Viktor’s idea Portals should have been no longer than 4 minutes. While working on the script with Radoslav Kambourov Sokerov makes the film 8,40min.

* Astral postrealism is an artistic style the gravity field of which is the study of emotions and perceptions. The leading idea of this trend is not that much the ability for intellectual understanding and rationalizing of matters as the talent to feel things deeply and integrate them into authentic mental universes.
The style gains distinction with its bright palette of colours and rich expressiveness of details. They all contribute to the building of composition made of forms beyond the actual existence; forms which tear apart all limits of our long-established ideas and take us on a journey to the kingdom of original purity. There, eliminating all conventionalities, it reveals to us different physical laws, unusual perspectives and a sense of visual diving into the subconscious.
The impact of the astral postrealism is magnetic and fancy. It merges dreams with reality. It unlocks the various powers of creativity, provokes them to explore unknown emotional depths and unleashes the imagination to make it simple and pure as that of a child.

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