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The Contest is over. Thank you for participating! The winner is Dalia Al Halil

The Essay Contest on topic “Portals” is geared towards all people who show keen interest in playing with words, imagination and the challenges of the blank sheet of paper. It is open for everyone – no matter what your age is or whether you are a professional writer or just a shy and secret admirer of letters. Don’t worry about the others’ opinion and don’t set limits on yourself. Take “Portals” as an opportunity to become friends with words, make new discoveries and have much fun.

Portals Contest Esey - Bulgaria 2012

Purpose of the Contest:

To trigger your imagination to crave for new quests and unexpected artistic finds. We believe that it is our inner creative power that perfects us and helps us become self-aware and progressive.


  • The winner will be announced on 14 Jan 2013 on our site.
  • The award ceremony will take place in Jan 2013 in Sofia (more info will be available around 10th january)
Portals Contest - Portal Keeper
Portal keeper
Portals Contest -  Other life faery tale 2
Other life faery tale
Portals Contest - Bright faraway
Bright faraway
Portals Contest - Hey-Ho city
Hey-Ho city
Portals Contest - Hey-Ho city center
Hey-Ho city center
Portals Contest - Moly on the run
Moly on the run
Portals Contest - Miss Y
Miss Y
Portals Contest - Toys
Portals Contest - Agomo the wise
Agomo the wise
Portals Contest - Energyplifizer
Portals Contest - Long way home
Long way home
Portals Contest - Awaiting for a change
Awaiting for a change

Contest Jury and Evaluation Criteria:

The contest jury, made up solely of young Bulgarian talents, will judge the essays on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Imagination
  • Overall impact of the work – atmosphere, emotional intensity
  • Concepts – presence of strong idea/s

Viktor Mazhlekov

Portals Contest - Viktor Mazhlekov
is an artist, who adores creating various pieces of art not only in the realm of painting and lines but also in the field of animation, architecture, web design, plastic arts and so on. His philosophy is that every single act can be a bearer of our inner creative potential. Viktor is 33 yeas old, lives and works in Plovdiv.

Petya Kokudeva

Portals Contest - Petya Kokudeva
was born in 1982 in Smolyan. She finished an English language high-school. Petya holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She works as a news reporter for 168 Hours and Darik Radio, as a co-author of a show on Net Radio and as a scriptwriter at a puppet theatre. Lulu is her first book.

Dimitar Pizhev

Portals Contest - Dimitar Pizhev
was born in Sofia in 1983. He graduated from the Italian school in Gorna Banya and studied journalism in Turin, Italy. After graduation, he returned to Sofia in 2007. He has worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies. He is currently writing about art for the VIVACOM Art Hall blog. He loves to travel.

Valentin Alexiev

Portals Contest - Valentin Alexiev
develops mobile and web applications, travels and experiments various things. He wants to learn how to play the guitar as well as Bulgarian folk dances. He likes crystal clear people.

Jasmina Tacheva

Portals Contest - Jasmina Tacheva
is a triple major in Economics, Philosophy and German at Canisius College, Buffalo, New York. Her primary academic interests include the areas of moral, political and gender philosophy and aesthetics, as well as international trade, marketing and cultural management. She has a keen interest in literature, creative writing and journalism and writes about culture and literature in English, German and Bulgarian for the on-line journal Public Republic.

Essay Contest Award:

The essay with the highest average score given by all members of the jury will be chosen as the winner and its writer will receive an original painting signed by Viktor Mazhlekov, 200€ cash, an author’s T-shirt, a set of glasses and picture postcards , all created by the author of the contest. The award ceremony will take place on Jan 2013 in Sofia.
**a painting at your choice from the ones given above – a painting of mixed media technique on a sheet of cardboard – shaped with embossed passepartout and with a fine Italian wooden frame.